Spiritual Formation

The Mission
To see students growing in Spiritual & Character Formation; which is experiencing the life of Christ being formed within them. This forming is manifest by increasingly mature Christian character and wholeness. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18)

Spiritual Formation
Spiritual formation in the life of a Christian is experiencing the life of Christ being formed within a person so that there is an increasing manifestation of Christ-likeness and inner wholeness. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

Character Formation
Character grows out of this spiritual forming and is demonstrated by increasing in godly thoughts, words and deeds as the Holy Spirit recreates us in Christ’s image. (Colossians 3:17)

Holy Spirit led transformation
At MI, we cooperate in this Holy Spirit-led transformation by creating a nurturing atmosphere with a personal mentor for each student and a unique small group experience. Our prayer is that each student will grow in Christian maturity through their mentoring and small group relationships, personal time and examination with the Lord, exploring and practicing spiritual disciplines, Scripture reading, and reading of selected books.

In order to encourage each student’s Holy Spirit led transformation to form mature Christian character we include:

One-on-One Mentoring
in which each student and mentor meet weekly. Mentors are mature, Christian, servant-leaders who provide prayer covering and modeling as they relate with their student in a life-on-life kind of way. Each student’s mentor will model mature and whole Christian discipleship while praying for, encouraging and exhorting their student, listening and directing them in the power of the Holy Spirit, supporting them and holding them accountable to the life of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Personal Spiritual Growth Designs (PSGD’s)
which are personalized plans that each student creates out of their desire for maturity and wholeness as a Christian Leader. As students recognize areas of needed spiritual growth and wholeness, they create a unique and intentional plan to concentrate on this recognized area for growth and/or healing. Our hope is to build this practice into our students’ lives as they continue to mature in their faith, leadership, and Christ-likeness.

Small Group Community
where students create an intentional community for spiritual growth and support as maturing followers of Jesus Christ. In small groups, the students discuss assigned readings that relate to their spiritual and character formation, share personal experiences, support one another and hold each other accountable toward Christian maturity. Reflections are written on each spiritual formation reading assignment. These groups meet within the regularly scheduled class day.

Silent Prayer Retreats
which are designed as time away with the Lord to seek, listen, worship and be refreshed in His intimate, loving presence.