Leadership Training

MI students are involved in Leadership Training which provides an opportunity for hands-on ministry and discipleship during a fifteen hour a week internship at a local church that runs concurrent with the academic work for all three years.

The Purpose
The purpose of Leadership Training is to equip the students while they are being discipled by their internship supervisors in the area of leadership and ministry skills.

The objective is to explore a variety of skills, observation and interaction with seasoned leaders, improve and refine ministry skills, personal and active discipleship, and spiritual direction. It is hoped that Leadership Training will help in the development of leadership skills, not just ministry skills. This requires the ability to cast and communicate a vision, lead leaders, resolve conflict, and give oversight.

Internships are designed to…
Internships are designed to reinforce principles learned in the classroom, provide hands-on ministry experience, present a setting for reflection on the work of the ministry, offer our students the opportunity to interact closely with today’s Christian leaders and enhance discipleship training.

A certain measure of “work” is provided by the student; however, our program is not intended to provide ministerial help to a congregation. Both setting and supervisor should view this program as a ministry to the students and a gift to the larger body of Christ.

  • Seminary students are involved in leadership training concurrent with the academic work for all three years.
  • Students meet with their Ministry Coach weekly to process and learn from their experience.
  • Full-time and part-time seminary students do 15 hours per week of internship service at a local church or para-ministry. Students begin in early September and finish in mid-May.
  • MI helps the student locate a church or para-church ministry for leadership training purposes. MI looks at the giftings of the student and the mission of the church to assist in placement.