Seminary classes are open to pastors, ministry leaders, church staff, lay leaders. These are graduate level classes that meet the criteria for pastoral continuing education.

Visitor-Auditing Details

  • Please fill out the Visitor-Auditing Registration form. Please include the class you are signing up for and the date.
  • You can pay for the class by check or credit card.
    Please mail your check to: The Master’s Institute, 4000 Linden St, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
    To pay on-line go to Giving / Make a Payment / type in Visitor registration in box 1 and then the class name and date in the box 2.
  • Click here for 2016-17-year-a-seminar-schedule or by phone or email from the MI office.
  • The fee is $60 for one two-day seminar. Payment is due with the registration request ten days before the class. Each Thursday & Friday class is considered one seminar. The fee is $263 to take a one week class for credit.
  • Seminars are open to pastors, ministry leaders, church staff, lay leaders and individuals who obtain a written auditor-pastor-recommendation form from your pastor or church leader.  The recommendation from pastors or church leaders may be sent directly to MI.
  • Classes are held on Thursday 7:45 am till Noon and Friday from 8:00 am till Noon at First Lutheran Church, 4000 Linden St. White Bear Lake, MN 55110
  • Auditors are required to sign in on the yellow sign in sheet before class begins.
  • Refunds will not be given after the start of the seminar.
  • An Auditor may attend a maximum of four seminars per school year (Sept. to May).
  • For-Credit Auditors may request by email a certificate of completion from the MI office.
  • Seminary students are required to read the assigned reading from the syllabus before class.  While it would be beneficial for Visitors-Auditors to do the reading, it is not required. The syllabus will be sent to you when we receive your registration form.

Classroom Details:

Thank you for being a guest in our classroom. Below is a list of classroom etiquette we ask all students to adhere to.

  • Students should come to class prepared, 10 minutes early each morning for class to begin promptly at 7.45 or 8:00 am.  Honor your brother and sister with your punctuality.
  • Be respectful of the professors – you are here to learn from them.
  • Be respectful of other students – even when opinions differ.
  • Please wait to begin packing up your things until the professor is done teaching.
  • Turn off cell phones during class. Reduce calls between classes.
  • Keep the room clean. Help put the supplies away neatly each night.
  • If you bring a Laptop to class to use for taking notes please be respectful of other students – No games, web surfing, emails or other work during class time.
  • Classes are recorded; please speak up so your questions can be heard on the audio.
  • Return promptly from breaks.
  • Side discussions during class can be very distracting – please keep these to a minimum or take them outside the classroom.

Textbooks can be purchased at any Christian bookstore or over the internet at There will be a comment on the syllabus if the book can only be purchased from a certain site.

You are welcome to go to lunch, at your own expense, with the students and to come back for Chapel.