MI Credentialed Seminary Tuition 2016-17 REDUCED

Tuition has been approved by the Board of Directors to accomplish a reduction in the student tuition debt.

Payment of the tuition is the responsibility of the MI student        (print pdf tuition)

Reducing per credit cost for all students by 15% for school year 2016-17

Full-time (Local or distance) (Students taking 28 Seminar Credits/Year + 5 credits Scripture Practicum, Leadership Training and Spiritual Formation)

  • Base Tuition Cost = $8767/year (based on 100 credits x $263/per credit / for 3 yrs)
  • Full Time Student (local or distance) Deduction = $500
  • Early Registration Deduction (before May 1) = $500
  • Full Time Student Tuition with Early Deduction = $7767 = 24.6% tuition reduction from 15-16 fiscal year.
  • Tuition is due monthly on the 1st of each month. Payable on Aug 1, Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1 and on Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 1. (no payment due in Dec)
  • All student deductions will be applied to the last payment of the academic year.

Part-time (Local or distance) (Students taking a minimum of 10 Seminar Credits/Year  + 5 Scripture Practicum Credits/for 3 years and on schedule to be completed with Seminary in a maximum of 6 years)

  • Base Tuition Cost = $263/credit
  • Average Annual Cost = $263 x 100 credits = $26,300 / 6 yrs = $4,383 /year
  • Early Registration Deduction (before May 1) = $250
  • Part Time Student Tuition Average with Early Deduction = $4,133 = 19.7% tuition reduction from 15-16 fiscal year.
  • Register and Payment of tuition is due on the 1st for any classes to be taken that month
  • Extra seminars or Classes by Audio/Video (CBAV) are $263 per seminar/week.
  • All student deductions will be applied to the last payment of the academic year.

Spouse tuition is one half the cost of either Full-time or Part-time program.

All Students will incur these costs in addition to the per credit cost.

  • $200 fee per year due on August 1st which includes admin costs, back ground checks, MMPI costs, technology, and classroom supplies.
  • Cost of Books = $400-$500/Full Time Year Average

There is no extra charge for these programs: Spiritual Formation (including Silent Retreat), Leadership Training, Independent Study Program (ISP) and Fall Retreat.

Make checks payable to:  The Master’s Institute, 4000 Linden St, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

There is a bank service charge for checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Refunds for early withdrawl: 75% of tuition paid is refundable up to the first day of class and is available upon written request. The $200 student fees are not refundable.

Late Tuition Policy – Students who are not current with their tuition payments from the previous month will be allowed to file an appeal with the President before returning to class to present mitigating circumstances and request an exemption from the tuition policy. Students may be granted probationary status while paying tuition. See the Probation Policy for further recourse.

Referral Program – Seminary students who refer new students to the MI credentialed M.Div. track will earn 1 credit of tuition off their next semester’s tuition when the referred student is accepted and attends.